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Business Process Analysis Tools
Business Process Analysis for Business

What does Business Process Automation Tool mean ?

Business process Automation tools (BPA tools) are use to analyze and improve individual business processes. Business processes are typically defined as individual operations with specific goals and objectives that are made up of various steps, or smaller tasks. Through the kinds of modeling that BPA tools provide, businesses can look at scalability, automation and other aspects of existing operations.

Features of BPA Tool ?


The dashboard is dynamically configurable with a quick over-view of all action items, modules at a glance

  • Actionable Insights and Summary
  • View recent tasks
  • View recent notifications list
  • Manage Contacts, Products and Services
  • Action Plan for Key activities

Document Management

Maintain your documents with the virtual directory & separate folders.

  • Upload documents to Invoices, Quotation, Purchase order & Bill.
  • Tags for searching your files.
  • No file type restrictions
  • Action plan for Product & Services
  • Access your files over cloud, anytime anywhere.

Product & Services

Track prospects, Customers, Quotation and Invoices for particular products & services.

  • Organise all product & services information at one place.
  • Get the latest & upto date info for all your products/services.
  • Send Standard or customized quotations for products/services
  • Update product/services information & make it accessible to everyone

Invoices & Quotations

Generate dynamic quotes and invoices with multiple taxes, currencies and send it to the prospected customers.

  • Create Invoice and Quotes
  • Link Invoices & Quotes for Products & Services
  • Export Invoices in Pdf, XLS, Doc & Other formats
  • Send invoice via email
  • Track Payment Status of Invoices, send Reminders
  • Track Partial Payments of Invoices

Campaign Management

Creating campaigns for your products & services is easy. The campaign management allows you to create campaigns for Email Marketing, Social Media Campaign.

  • Use attractive prepopulated templates for creating powerful brand messages for your clients.
  • Easy & intuitive campaign set-up maximising your potential for conversions.
  • Create & manage your campaigns, activities & marketing operations with end to end automation
  • Track campaign statistics, messages read by clients, segmentation, & analytics.

Watch Demo

Watch video to know more about Business Process Automation Tool.

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