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Business Intelligence Software Development

Kreyon's Business Intelligence Software Solutions offers tools and systems that play a key role in the strategic planning process in an organisation. The Business Intelligence software solutions allow a company to integrate, store, access and analyze data to use it for the Right Actions at the Right time.

Business Intelligence Software Development

How It Works

Our team of BI professionals works with you to understand your key performance indicators, we then strive to collect data from various sources and map them to the KPIs. Our Business Intelligence software development uncovers the data patterns and their relation to key business metrics in realtime. The BI Solution maps the customers, their requirements, key expectations, automates key operations and provides insights for greater efficiency, profitability and growth to power your business.

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Development BI Solutions

Business Intelligence Tools

Getting requirements for end user reports

Business intelligence Software Solutions

Analyse data source

Business Intelligence Software Development Company

Establishing business needs

Business Intelligence Software Company

Support and Maintenance

Benefits of Business Intelligence

Testing and Performance optimization

Business Intelligence Company New Jersey

Validation results after deployement

Business Intelligence Development Services

Kreyon Delivers actionable BI Solutions

  • Transform your data

    Plug into various data sources to create unified computing model that analyses relvant data and provides actionable insights for your business that make an impact.
  • Deliver insights anywhere

    The BI solution pushes important and critical information to users even when they're not logged into the system.
  • Modernize enterprise reporting

    The reporting system is dynamic and changes as per the needs of the business. The most important and critical information always takes precedence.
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Why Kreyon BI platform?

Our powerful BI solution allows you to take informed decisions, drive business and get contextual business information to users. With our data analytics platform, you can improve responsiveness, reduce IT costs and workload, and drive business better with the power of computing.

Business Process Software

Gain real-time business data

Software Company for Intelligence Solutions

Real time information that is simple, personalised and dynamic.

Software Company BI

Get more done in less time with flexible, fast and scalable system.

Start your BI journey here

Kreyon helps you at every step of your BI journey. Every organization has its unique BI starting point. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a new solution to handle your financial reporting, or a way to enable the power users in your organization, our BI software is useful for:

  • Configurable Dashboards

  • Event Driven Alerts

  • Social Analytics

  • 3D Reports

  • High Performance Computing

offshore software development for Business Intelligence

Corporate BI & Data Visualization

Kreyon provides business intelligence software development services that offer visual data discovery tools. Kreyon supports the decision-making process in a world that's changing faster than ever.

  • Convey data and information in more attractive and persuasive formats.

  • Uncover statistically significant market trends and patterns.

  • Visually analyze data from multiple perspectives.

  • Manipulate and view data outcomes in different senarious.

Benefits of Business Intelligence Solutions

The solution is geared to provide you the Results that transform Your company. Highest Impact & ROI. Analyze, customize and implement the customer's most pressing needs.

  • Create an Automated Workflow and get actionable insights to tackle dynamically changing business.

  • Improve your brand value with digitisation and improve your business productivity.

  • Get Insights anytime anywhere to stay informed.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Kreyon's Business Intelligence Software Development

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