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We build user-friendly mobile experience on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

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Kreyon's Excellent Team

We have a team of talented mobile app developers who can create customized apps by taking care of audience needs

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Mobile App Development Process

At Kreyon, we develop android, iOS and windows Apps using both native and cross platform. We believe that a strong and clear plan makes the entire app development process much easier and less complex. It is important for our clients to understand our App development process to actively participate in the process by providing their feedback. The following app development process applies to the Android, iOS and cross-platfrom Apps.

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Wireframing is an important process of building an app; this is because it will build the foundation of how the app needs to be designed and function. One important thing to note is that with mobile apps, it will be much more time-consuming and costly to redo the screens or rebuild functionality than a web app, so, it is important to build the wireframes before starting the development. During the wireframing, an app UX specialist and an app developer need to have discovery sessions (brainstorming) with the project owner to iron out how the app is going to be designed and function.The more complexity, or the more screens the project has, the longer it will take to complete the wireframing. To complete the wireframing, an app UX specialist will draw up the navigation, screens, and all of the elements that goes into the app screens and noting the functionalities for each screen.

App Screen Design

Designing the app screens (front-end) for both iOS and Android

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App Programming

Programming the app screens (front-end) for both iOS and Android

Quality Assurance

Testing the app on all different platforms (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone) and different OS versions of each platform, Different resolutions of different mobile devices (between different devices of smartphones, phablets, and tablets, there are quite a bit resolutions to test for and it can be time-consuming.)

The Grand Launch

Once your mobile product is ready and you’re happy with the results, we will release it to Apples App Store, Windows App Store and Google Play marketplace.

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