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Kreyon helps media companies to create digital strategy, content platform.

Comprehensive media industry software to keep pace with changing technological advancements

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Media Industries Challenges

The Media industry is undergoing upheaval with the rise of the Digital platforms. We provide solutions to media agencies that help them to Stay ahead in the Digital Age.

Audience Measurement

Methodologies & standardisation of individuals & multi media content planning.

Tracking ROI

Attribution across media channels Proving effectiveness of media campaigns & activity

Business costs

Reduce the Business costs for marketing, research and evolve strategies to combat digital platforms eating into print readership.

Communication Lag

The print industry and media channels are typically lagging behind twitter & other digital media platforms.


Expansion to new locations is expensive for media industry. Print readership is limited to physical locations.

Digitisation of Media

Digital Media Channels are frequently updated during the day and are more engaging.

Social Media Promotions

Traditional media industry is geared to provide one type of content and is lagging behind in adoption of social media for promotions.

Targeted ads

Print Readership is declining, user prefer targeted ads with precise demographics, locations these days.

Tapping into Mobile users

The advent of mobile internet has changed the way people consume news. Traditional media is unable to reach mobile users.

Kreyon's Media Industry Software Solutions

We use Design Thinking for creating engaging experience for digital users. The platforms are designed to offer immersive readership, create more viewers and subscribers for media and entertaintment companies. The digital experience works consistently across devices & platforms for users.

Personalise Experience for Users

With digital platforms, media companies can personalise news items and content as per user preferences. The anonymous visitors, subscribers and regular viewers can be segregated with ease. content can be tailored according to interests, affinities and preferences.

Cross-Channel Tracking

Our tracking solutions offer indepth analytics to understand the demographics of visitors across channels. The visitor profile and history is maintained across channels for a consistent and realtime interactive experience. Whether user logs in from mobile app, website or other devices, all details are available.

Targeted Advertizing

Companies that advertise on our digital platforms have access to targeted audience. Brands typically want to promote their advertisements to a specific niche of users can avail the digital platform. Ads can be segregated based on locations, user devices, age groups, working or interests etc. The management of advertisements, type of content and duration etc can also be configured by media companies.

Realtime News update

The realtime distribution of news is one of the most crucial aspects of the digital platform. Content can be updated & publised with consummate ease. The news stories, events and alerts are also pushed to users via notifications to mobile users. The digital edition can be updated many times during the day as per the needs.

Geo Targeted News

The growth of the media companies is not restricted by locations when they use digital platforms. The digital platform can offer location based news, feeds, event alerts and advertisements etc. The web, mobile users receive location based news & content.

Multimedia Management

The traditional media industries are now creating various types of content like articles, images, blogs, audios, videos, infographics, short GIFs and other interactive content. The various types of content can be managed using our digital platform. Our solution manages seamless distribution of content and tools for tracking ROI from the content.

Share News on Social Media

Social sharing is a vital part of online community building–whether be it a simple trade forum or a complex social network. Social sharing can help build traffic for a website and further marketing performance goals. For a user, finding valuable and intrinsicly interesting content can be helpful.

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