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An Enterprise Solution for Power Industry includes process automation and in-support operations for all IT Services.

Power and Energy

We have helped global energy companies achieve business agility through Business Transformation, IT enabled process standardization, Optimization of costs and Deployment of best in class decision support systems. From wells to wheels experience with Kreyon Systems.

software designs for power and energy

Client Challenges

Digital Transformation

Manage, Grow & track Alternative Energy Sources.

Software Development for Power Sector

Identification of bottlenecks for Maximizing saving opportunities.

Enterprise Solutions for power companies

Incentivizing Energy Production at the Right Time and Place.

Skyrocketing energy and operational costs

Skyrocketing energy and operational costs.

Developing consistent data tracking

Developing consistent data tracking.

Maximizing return on material and service investments

Maximizing return on material and service investments.

Maintenance, downtime & servicing faults for high availability and customer service

Maintenance, downtime & servicing faults for high availability and customer service.

Energy automation and smart grid solutions

Energy automation and smart grid solutions.

Solutions We Offer

Digital Transformation
Energy Trading and Risk Management
Health Safety Environment Solutions
Oil Field Efficiency
Technical Data Management
Production optimization
Enterprise Asset Management
Supply Chain Management Solutions
IT Infrastructure Optimization
Enterprise Solutions
Power and Energy Solutions

Benefits of Power and Energy Industry

Energy Management

Rising energy prices, a constrained grid and climate change have elevated the need for energy management. At the same time advances in technology are driving innovation in energy management offerings. Through Kreyon early experiences in all of these areas, plus our ongoing involvement in smart grid and customer management, we can help you conceptualize and deliver successful energy management services.

Customer Information and Billing

Changing customer expectations, competition, market reforms and regulations require customer information and billing operations that are robust. Kreyon helps utilities improve billing cycle time, reduce exceptions and improve accuracy. We also help achieve greater flexibility by providing customers with new self-service options and support the smooth rollout of smart metering and new products and services.

Energy Trading

Energy trading is crucial for maintaining a reliable supply of electricity and gas and for keeping rates low. Kreyon can help utilities streamline their wholesale trading and risk management operations with expertise.

Customer Experience Management

In a socially connected world, delivering a rewarding customer experience is as important as delivering core services. For leading utility companies, providing innovation in mobility, social media, smart metering and analytics are driving change in ways that are meaningful to their customers.

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