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Project Management Services

Dynamic Dashboard

The dashboard is dynamically configurable with a quick over-view of all action items, modules at a glance

  • 1. Create notes
  • 2. View recent meetings.
  • 3. View recent notification list.
  • 4. Action plan for tracking sales pipeline.
  • 5. Track execution of projects, task documents & deliverables.

Project Management

Organise your projects like a pro with Project Management. The project management gives you tools to monitor execution of the projects, keep track of the budget, expenses, employees time & risk management. It also sends notification alerts for important milestones.

  • 1. Manage Project Deadlines and resources
  • 2. Risk Management for projects
  • 3. Expenses and time tracking
  • 4. Advanced analytics for Project & Reports

Task Management

With Project Management, you can assign tasks to employees. Keep track of the execution of tasks, get updates on the tasks with time logging & timesheets. The tasks which are overshooting deadlines will send notifications alerts to employees & their managers. Streamline the workflow of your deliverables & execution.

  • 1. Track due dates for tasks
  • 2. Log time for a task
  • 3. Assign tasks to employees
  • 4. Share documents related to tasks
  • 5. Notification alerts for assignments & completion of tasks

Employee Management

Provide your employees sophisticated tools for productivity. Assign tasks to employees & track the status. Engage them in meaningful conversations through discussion boards. Empower them with tools to log time for their works. Track employees' communications with your customers & get feedback for their services. Manage their timesheets, growth & performance.

  • 1. Create new employee and manage your profile
  • 2. Change emplyee status Active/Deactivate
  • 3. Share documents related to employee

Meeting Scheduler

Team Task Scheduler is a powerful tool which helps you schedule your meetings, calls and appointments. You can schedule your meetings and invite related people by auto generated invitation emails and notifications. You also get reminders for scheduled meetings. You can invite clients for meetings by using the team task scheduler.

  • 1. Notifications, alerts & reminders for Meetings
  • 2. Schedule Conference calls with Clients
  • 3. Calendar View for quick history of Meetings/calls

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Know More About Project Management


Create and maintain your documents with the virtual directory & separate folders. You can upload multiple documents and share these documents with your employees or specific project teams in a single click.

Help Desk

Use our help desk tool to communicate with your customers. Our clients can use this feature to communicate with their customers. An elegant system for dealing with inbound ticket requests from any channel.


With Project Management you dont need consultants for your business reports. Generating business reports has never been easy. Project Management is equipped with the state of the art reports with powerful tools like BYOR: Build Your Own Report.

Discussion Board

Start your internal Discussion with your Employee,Department,Team members. you can post and share your innovative idea with specific member you can share your post on social networking site like Facebook,twitter,LinkedIn.

Project Management Benefits

The demo photo

kreyon project management provide instant communication, customers today expect instant response from companies. When they report a problem, they expect instant communication & prompt feedback.

Instant Communication

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Easy-to-use time tracking ensures complete time capture, track time, log time, task completion, control project team, faster reporting, accurate project costing, and efficient project execution.

Time Tracking

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Project Management work seamlessly with your existing operational environment and systems.That’s why we’ve designed our products to integrate easily with virtually any project management or financial solution.

Easily Integrate

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Project management in an organization is the creation of reports on a real-time basis. such reports help employees and project managers get a 360-degree view on the budgets, expense, target achievements etc.

Real-time Reporting

Advanced Features

Gantt Chat

The Project Management Gantt chart has outstanding features that enable you to visualize your projects, making it easy for planning and re-scheduling.

Email Integration

The Project Management Gantt chart has outstanding features that enable you to visualise your projects, making it easy for planning and re-scheduling.

Chat Tool

Talk to your website visitors from your PC, tablet or mobile phone. Increase sales and improve customer service.

Todo List

Talk to your website visitors from your PC, tablet or mobile phone. Increase sales and improve customer service.

Project Management

Timesheet Management

The timesheet facilitates the easy management of the time spent by the employee. It enables easy tracking of the time spent by an employee on a project or on a certain task/subtask.

The total time to complete a task can be specified at the time of creating the task. Then the assigned employee can add the timesheet of that task so that the manager and employee can easily track the total time spent, the progress , the remaining time or the extra time taken by the employee etc...

Bill Management

Spend less time on business admin by paying multiple bills in one simple transaction. You can bundle the bills together and schedule the payment, so you’re all ready to go.

Manage your purchase bills and pay vendors on time. No more creating bills one at a time. Create bills from purchase orders

Invoicing Management

Wow your clients with professional looking invoices that take only seconds to create. The best part! You are able to track all outstanding payments.

Reduce repetitive manual data entry and speed up your invoicing by using preset inventory items, replicating previous invoices, and setting up repeating invoices.

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