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Use Data to Unlock Value, Make Decisions Faster, & Improve Customer Experience. Build Scalable & Secured Applications to Drive Your Business with Big Data for Improving Revenues & Lowering Costs.

What is Big Data?

Big Data is the wealth of information around us. Data is ubiquitous and generated at a tremendous pace with prolific use of computers, mobile devices, sensors etc. Big Data technologies are helpful in making sense of data and help organisations to make proactive decisions for transforming their business.

The 4 V's of Big Data

Big Data Software Solutions


Analytics solutions


Customized Big Data Software


Software design


Big Data Software Solutions

We have great expertise in architecting tailored big data & analytics solutions for our clients. With vast domain expertise and state of the art technological tools, we provide solutions that provide compelling results. Our big data solutions include:

Data Analytics

Analytics solutions

Kreyon helps in providing an integrated solution that combines various data sources and discovers hidden patterns in data.

Software Development for analytics

Performance Management Solutions

Correct Information at the right time is crucial for performance. Our solutions transform enterprises to become more efficient, agile & dynamic.

Software Development & Analytics

Business Intelligence Solutions

We help businesses to discover the most important metrics in context of changing dynamics.

Data Analytics Offerings

IT Solutions

Planning & Analysis

Our experts have proven track records with global implementations. We assess the needs of the business, conduct a thorough audit of the parameters and help our clients to identify the right metrics to deliver the results. The solution blueprint and implementation roadmap is created inline with the business needs & organizational goals.

Offshore Software Development


Once the key deliverables are mapped and blueprint for the solution is prepared, we provide complete implementation support to our clients. The implementation is effective, scalable and aimed at creating massive impact for clients business. Our implementation roadmap is delivered with mutually agreed upon milestones that are easy to track and have tangible results on the business.

IT Solutions

Data Science

The key element in implementation of data solutions is to decipher the right data and separate information from the noise.Kreyon Systems has in depth experience in implementing solutions that deal with huge data complexity and skills in advanced algorithms, natural language processing, enterprise data management, & Artificial intelligence

Big Data Software Solutions

Data Warehouse Modernization

Our data warehouse modernization solutions help to extend and enhance your data warehouse infrastructure in a complementary way. Optimize and migrate data and applications from the enterprise data warehouse to the Big Data warehouse.

Big Data Solutions for the Winning Edge

Big Data Business Solutions

Kreyon provides solutions that address the most pressing needs for the organisation. We have great capabilities in business analytics, customer oriented solutions, architecting scalable systems & cloud based software. Our solutions identify the right metrics, improve innovation, collaborate better & provide great user experience to simplify business.

Big Data Industry Solutions

Our big data industry solutions are delivered keeping in mind the global best practices. Kreyon also offers great domain expertise in various industries and also provides insights from other industries to create winning solutions. Our solutions are tailored to meet specific needs of the industry and at the same time provide solutions that work across domains to benefit the clients.

Software Development for analytics

Big Data Technology Solutions

Enterprise data environments can be challenging. Getting the right integrations, collecting data from complex & legacy systems is the first step in creating the right solution. We use technology as a means to provide enriching experience for our customers and offer solutions that are critical to their success.

Big Data Software Solutions

Big Data Benefits

Beat Your Competition

Analytics solutions

Using the right technology & data insights is the best way to keep pace with the ever changing business needs today.

Streamlines Operations

Web development

An integrated data solution helps an organisation to streamline its operations and processes with ease. All business metrics can be integrated in one place.

Performance & Efficiency

Software Development

Big data solutions helps an organisation to integrate various processes, operations & provides integrated view of data to track things better resulting in top performance & efficiency.

Decision Making with Data

Big Data Solutions

Data Visualization & indepth knowledge of information for making decisions is an important enabler for decision making.

Improved Customer Experience

Software design

With integrated data, organisations become more responsive resulting in improved customer interactions and enhanced quality of services.

Collaboration & Innovation

Software Development for analytics

Data visualization, sharing and collaboration become easy with an integrated data solution. The predictive insights also help the team in coming up with solutions on time.

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