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What is ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning?

An Enterprise resource planning system is a fully integrated business management system covering functional areas of an enterprise like Logistics, Production, Finance, Accounting and Human Resources. It organizes and integrates operation processes and information flows to make optimum use of resources such as men, material, money and machine. Enterprise resource planning promises

  •  one database.
  •  one application.
  • one user interface.
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Enterprise Respource Planning
  • Our ERP Implementation will

Eliminate Complexity, Embrace Simplicity

Customers don’t want to wait to get their questions answered. 90degreeERP works out-of-the-box so you can get up and running quickly, manage cases, and help customers faster than ever.

ERP Services

Stay Within Budget

Customers don’t want to wait to get their questions answered. 90degreeERP works out-of-the-box so you can get up and running quickly, manage cases, and help customers faster than ever.

ERP Product Development

Carry out Implementation on Time with high Quality

Our ERP implementation is done after benchmarking the requirements by globally respected leaders. The key factors are planned to regulate productivity, collaboration, business process automation & growth. The project plan is approved by key stakeholders. The team with its expertise and proven results ensure compelling outcomes within specific timeframe.

ERP Implementation

Be flexible as per Dynamic Changing needs of your business

With the growing technological disruption, leaders are often faced with challenges to ramp up the performance levels to achieve their business goals and respond to the competition. Shifting priorities, fast changing markets, attrition and dynamic business needs require ERP to be flexible & adaptive. Our ERP delivers compelling results amidst such situations.

Cloud ERP

Be Tailor Made for your Requirements

Our ERP Implementation is focused to ensure that the design and implementation is specifically relevant to the needs of your business. The ERP Implementation strategy is created with key stakeholders to support the overall growth objectives in tandem with the organisational goals. The ERP is delivered precisely as per your needs & is guaranteed to produce successful results.

ERP Trends
  • Benefits of ERP
Improved reporting
Data quality
Lower cost of operations
Better CRM
Business analytics
Improved data access
Better supply chain
  • ERP Suite
Integrated ERP suite for you business.
Project Management
Planning & Budgeting
Project Definition
Project Planning & Tracking
Project Closure
Sales & Distribution
Demand Planning
Order Management
Warranty Management
Service Management
Customer Portal
Work order Management
Quality Management
Inspection & Sampling Plans
Attribute Management
Acceptance & Rejection analysis
Quality Administration
Inventory & Procurement
Inventory Analysis & Planning
Warehouse Management
Physical Inventory & Cycle Counting
Sourcing & Purchasing
Inbound Logistics
Supplier Portal
Maintenance Management
Predictive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance
Work Management
Shutdown/Outage Mgmt
Workforce Management
Talent Management
Employee Development
Payroll & Benefits
Finance $ Account
General Accounting
Receivables & Payable Mgmt.
Fixed Assets Management
Management Accounting
Consolidation & Reporting
Financial Services
Planning & Budgeting
Grants & Funds Management
Custom Module
Custom changes exactly as per your business requirements.
  • Flexible Deployment
Cloud ERP
A private cloud is one in which the services and infrastructure are maintained on a private network.
ERP Services
A public cloud is one in which the services and infrastructure are provided off-site over the Internet.
Enterprise Respource Planning
With on-premises deployment, 90degree ERP software is hosted at your own location on your own servers or at a location of your choice.
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