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What is Progressive Web App?

Progressive web apps are regular web pages but can appear to the user as a native app. They combine the best of the app and web worlds. They are accessed through the modern browsers and take advantage of features like service workers and web app manifests. These features make it possible for the progressive web app to be accessed in offline mode, handle push notifications and receive updates.

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Why Should You Build a Progressive Web App?

A progressive web app is designed to reduce the loading time for your portal. It improves user experience and helps to improve conversions. PWA is inherently secured delivering content over HTTPS. The add to home screen feature, URL based access, and no dependency on App store are also quite useful. The progressive web apps also provide offline access for the app.

What Makes a Progressive Web App

  • Secured Origin: The site should use display data using https connections. Mixed content is not allowed.
  • Offline Functionality: The app should work in offline mode (even if it is a custom offline page). For offline mode, the progressive web apps require service workers.
  • Reference a W3C Compliant Web App Manifest file with at least the four key properties: name, short_name, start_url, and display (with a value of standalone or fullscreen).

Amazing Features of PWA Apps


Progressive web apps are designed to work on different screens and devices.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps

The web apps are designed to work for all users across various browsers.

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The traditional web applications had limitations working offline.

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The progressive apps can be accessed in full screen mode.

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Always Fresh

The concept of service workers keeps the content of the up to date.

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PWA Apps

Safe & Reliable

These apps used secured connections to ensure safety of the data.

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Flexibility for Installation

The progressive web apps allow flexibility for users.

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Push Notifications and Re-engagement

The users can get push notifications from their progressive app.

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Sharing the progressive app is very easy.

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SEO friendly

The SEO for traditional apps was restricted to listings and rankings in the App store.

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Benefits Of Progressive Web Apps

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Simple Updates

A progressive web app keeps all your users up to date seamlessly. The users are not required to download or update the app explicitly.

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Mobile App Experience

PWA provides native mobile app experience and functionality that traditional mobile friendly websites fail to deliver.

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Enhanced Performance

The cached data & the app-shell model makes the performance of the PWA quite remarkable. The enhanced performance is definitely lucrative for the users.

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The best of two worlds

They can be found through search engines and easily accessed via a link, but they feel like a native app coming with push messaging to keep your consumers posted.

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Loads Instantly

You probably know that users tend to leave the website if it doesn’t load quickly. Progressive web applications solve this problem easily.

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No Dependency

The PWA doesnt need to be on the App store and can be rightly accessed by users. The users are not required to install the app from the play store, users can obtain it directly from the portal.

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The PWA is designed to be portable across platforms and doesn't require explicit packaging. The app is designed to work across platforms like Android, iOS and Windows etc.

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Device Independent

Users can easily switch from one device to another with consistent experience. The same application can be used without the need to re-install or re-sign on every device.

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Maintenance is easy

Maintaining several native apps can be a nightmare for developers. The consistency and functionality across platforms and devices can be maintained with ease using PWAs.

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Progressive Web Apps

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