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Software product development partner

Technology Solutions

Our commitment to innovation gives you access to the latest technology and our proven experience in IT services helps you harness it for maximum business benefit. We help extend the life of your infrastructure, deliver solutions faster and at a lower cost as well as ensure that your IT organization is aligned to your business.

Client Challenges

  • Rapid product innovation and complex designs.
  • Intense global competition.
  • Multifaceted global supply chains.
  • Integration concerns.
  • Balancing feedback and focus.
  • Mixing cloud and on-premise services.
Technology Products

Solutions we offer

ERP Solution
Social Media
Cloud Based
Enterprise Mobility
Big Data
Advanced Analytics
Internet Of Things
End To End IT Solutions
IT solutions

Complete services model

Our comprehensive service portfolio of IT solutions, business consulting, product engineering services, infrastructure services and business process services enable you to focus on core competencies, lower operational cost and drive global service standards.

Software product development partner

Partnerships and Global Alliances

We leverage mutually exclusive capabilities that ensure successful ‘go-to-market’ initiatives, enhanced product performance and effective industry and segment-specific solutions.

Benefits for Technology

IT solutions

Focus on innovation

Dedicated Innovation labs, infrastructure support and the Tata Research Development and Design Center (TRDDC) provide access to leading-edge technologies, advanced systems engineering methodologies, storage optimization, and convergence and embedded printer solutions.

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