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End to End Execution Process

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Software Development Services in South Africa

Planning & Consultation

With a stellar team rich in experience, expertise and execution, we help clients with planning, consultation & strategic insights for finding the best solutions for your business. Our consultants chart a course of transformation and work closely with the leaders to stay and adjust the course for meeting the stated objectives.

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Web development in South Africa
End to End software solution in UK

Business Requirement Analysis

The requirements phase involves discovering, analysing, defining & documenting the requirements to drive stated business objectives. Our team is adept at unlocking growth opportunities. During the business requirements analysis, our team works closely with the clients to uncover the obstacles & create an action plan for success. The business requirement analysis helps in aligning business objectives with performance measurement tools to regulate growth.

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Software Service
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Software Design

Once the requirements are established, the designs of the deliverables are conceptualised. The design engineering involves analysis of the users & their day to day operations. The user centric design helps in making the software usable, intuitive & simple. Our architects work to improve the efficiency of operations, user experience with design innovations. Our designs speak to the user.

End to End IT Solution
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Web Development

Our agile development process benchmarks itself against the best. We provide compelling results within a specific timeframe. The development team ensures that complexity of business operations is translated into simple processes for achieving strategic goals. The Focus is to design and implement solutions, which solve specific & relevant problems for the users. The implementation increases clarity, focus, and relevant information for achieving the business goals.

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Design Thinking Process
Design Thinking Process

Integration & Testing

Our quality assurance teams ensure that the requirements of the stakeholders are translated into softwares. Testing team helps in reviewing critical operational requirements, evaluate sensitivity of user operations, & suggest improvisations to meet the needs of the clients. Performance, security & Usability tests are conducted to consumer safety & satisfaction. Our innovative solutions are benchmarked focusing on solving problems for users, increasing productivity, & improving business performance.

Design Thinking for Software Products
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Software Product Design & Development


Our trainings are effective and simple to execute exercises for leaders to transform with emphasis on results. The work force is provided with tools to help them stay ahead of their competition & aid business efficiency. Our shared learnings through hands-on experience helps in building organisational vitality, winning teams and global leaders. Trainings are conducted after successful implementation and deployment of the solutions.

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Software Product Development Services
Software Application Development on Cloud

Maintenance & Support

We provide 24X7 support to help our customers organise, scale & succeed in their business. Our team is dedicated to your services & works in tandem with your team for seamless operations.

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Software development services in South Africa
end to end solution for data


Our data services ensure that data of your company is safe, secure & backed-up. The business continuity, security & scalability of the applications are high on priority. Our software solutions integrate data & enterprise security solutions, such as encryption, access control, and auditing. A smart approach to data management is used to handle sensitive data & also bring out efficient performance of the applications.

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Advanced analytics
kreyon end to end solution for analytics


The information overflow & complexity of data is increasing rapidly. It is difficult to know what needs to be measured. Our data analytics & business intelligence platforms spell out how and what needs to be measured. The business insights, trends & data is used to fine tune performance measures and for driving business value.

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Software Product Design & Development

Actionable Insights

We analyze data patterns to effectively identify business-relevant, actionable insights for improved outcomes. With shared insights & access to the most critical piece of data, you can make better decisions. The data is mined to produce proactive inputs, which prompts actions to trigger changes for growth.

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In fast changing environment, our solutions ramp up the performance levels to achieve business goals. The most relevant actionable insights create synergy, remove bottlenecks & lead to superior results. The action plan for execution is driven to produce favourable outcomes. With digital transformation translate action into results.

Why work with Kreyon

Once the requirements are established, the design of the software can be established in a software design document. This involves a preliminary, or high-level design of the main modules with an overall picture


We believe in partnership for growth. Our clients are our business partners and together we look to strive for mutually beneficial growth models. We can be a great partner of yours.

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Talent Pool

We have some very exciting and hardworking professionals. Our team has a strong consultant network with vast business exposure at the top levels of leading organisations around the globe and an energetic development team.

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Client Centric Work

Our model is flexible to suit to need of our customers. Our strategy and roadmap of work will be prepared based on client’s business requirement. We treat every client as our first.

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Integrated Services

We provide detailed solutions and consulting expertise as per the need of our clients. Whether it is application development, maintenance and IT Infrastructure management or strategic consulting or other IT Services, we provide them all.

Information Technology Solution
Return on Investment

We ensure best ROI for our clients by providing results that matter.

End to end IT services
Maintenance & Support

Kreyon Systems keeps your data safe in highly secure facilities providing 24/7 365 access with automatic backup.

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