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Minimum Viable Product

We help you build products from the smallest set of features that deliver Compelling value.

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What is a Minimum Viable Product?

A minimum viable product software is developed with core features to serve and satisfy the needs of its users. It translates ideas into a working product that resonates with its users.

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How Minimum Viable Product Works

Find the Problem

To start with, you must identify the problem that you want to solve for your customers. The core product identifies the key pain point that it addresses.

Determine the core features

Identify the core features that solve the problem for the users. Focus and prioritise the core solution and features that the product will offer for its customers.

Minimum Viable Product Software

Design User Interface

A simple user interface and intuitive design encourages early adoption of the product. Minimal designs make the product easy to follow and usable.

Implementation Phase

After the workflow for the product is sorted, the minimum viable product development takes care of the core features and functionality. The implementation phase ensures that the product can be used by the early adopters.

Review & Feedback

Once the development of the core functionality is completed, the product can then be introduced for early review and feedback from its users. The beta product is deployed for the early adopters. The feedback is crucial in shaping the final product.

Minimum Viable Product Development Services

Product Iterations

The feedback from early adopters and various stakeholders is used in enhancement of the product. The product iterations involve the changes and suggestions made by the users to converge to a better product.

Launch Product

Finally the MVP is ready for launch. A product that can win the trust of its users, looks impressive and can be scaled on demand. Kreyon Systems provides minimum viable product development services for launching ideas into scalable products.

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