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Digital Marketing

Kreyon's Digital Marketing Services will help you optimize your website to get found by more prospects, convert them into leads and paying customers.

We use digital landscape to help our clients in carrying our their business objectives more effectively.

Our digital marketing services increase global visibility, generate growth opportunities & provide measurable ROI for our clients.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The boundaries between physical & digital are blurred. The old established businesses & companies are facing threats from unexpected quarters every day. Technology is powering businesses now. The rate at which these new companies are growing is alarming. Digital is the way forward. Marketing and the way products/services are consumed is also changing. Businesses who are making use of digital marketing are winning the market share, delighting their customers & leading the way.

61% of global internet users research products online, according to Interconnected World, Shopping & Finance. More than 86% of the consumers do a search to find out information about products/services they buy. An overwhelming percentage of the customers say that their buying decisions are influenced by online & social media reviews.

Social Media Marketing

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Why is it Important ?

  • Creating an online brand and visibility.
  • Managing communications and maintain an online marketing campaign
  • Knowledge Sharing by creating content that has the ability to create a viral effect.
  • Attracting qualified leads.
  • Creating a social media presence and growing online reputation.
  • Driving results by bring more traffic to the company website using SEO. To increase the number of pageviews, unique visitors, average time per visite and stickiness factor for website.
  • Review and analyse the performance using web-analytic tools. Understanding the visitor patterns and customer behavior. setting business goals and tracking conversions.

Kreyon Digital marketing services Offer

Once the target audience is identified, the following steps can be taken to create a high impact digital marketing campaign. The idea is to create a campaign that promotes itself. Here is a look at the different digital channels and avenues that are used by the top organisations in the world for a successful digital marketing campaign.

Software Development

World Class Website

Your website is the global headquarter of your business. Top brands invest in optimising their digital presence to make an impression on their consumers. The websites are designed with customers in mind. A great website helps to develop trust, loyalty & globally visibility.

Create Compelling Content

The ability to plan, strategize and execute your brand’s story across the digital medium can have a ripple effect on your business. Make simple content that is easily readable. Concise articles, Infographics, tip sheets, checklists & videos etc can help you to pull visitors to your website. The successful companies maintain information pool & share information with their consumers. This helps them attract visitors & qualified traffic.

Software Company
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Creating a social presence for the organisation on different social media networks. This helps an organisation maintain online reputation and build brand awareness. When creating a profile for the company, the following needs to be considered:

Viral Market: How viral is the content? Regularly updating the content is a must. Leverage two way conversations and interact with your audience. Building Followers on LinkedIn, Face Book, twitter etc. Contests and special offers for enticing the users. Identifying influencers and getting them to promote our campaign.

Email Marketing

Identify the Core content that needs to be circulated. Sharing useful content, taking the user feedback and surveys. Encourage discussion and two way communications using emails. Can use Auto responder setup. The free offers on the website can be posted via emails or RSS auto responders to ensure that you are in touch with the prospects.

Email can be circulated for creating brand awareness. Readers can post their feedback, inputs and suggestions, which can be posted on the website. The updates and latest developments can also be posted to the users who sign up with the company.

Email Marketing
Web Development

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the art of influencing search engines in order to improve rankings and secure top positions for keywords. SEO can improve website rankings, boost brand awareness, drive high quality website traffic and increase conversions. Here is a brief introduction on what you can do with it :

  1. Technical SEO and data analysis
  2. Content Creation
  3. Link Building
  4. Web Development

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing involves communicating with the consumer via mobile device, either to send a simple marketing message, to introduce them to a new audience participation-based campaign or to allow them to visit a mobile website. Many successful organisations successfully employ mobile sms marketing strategy to promote their schemes. Some companies also use mobile apps for disseminating information and contents for quality leads.

Mobile Application Development
Software Development Company

Customer Service

Personalised experience for customers on all digital touch points develops brand loyalty. Consumers expect companies to service them on all avenues where they are present. A huge number of consumers especially the younger generation use social media channels, messaging apps & other online media to connect with brands. The companies which are proactively serving their customers on digital medium are moving ahead.

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